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Internal transportElectric trolleys

Soil cultivating machinesCultivator machines

Internal transportForklifts

Generators/CHP systemsCHP systems

Crop protection techniqueRemote hose drums

Boxes and cratesPlastic crates

Internal transportElectric trolleys

Crop protection techniqueSpraying booms

Internal transportTransport trolleys

Packaging machinesBox taping machines

Lighting technologiesVarious lighting technologies accessoiries

Internal transportElectric trolleys

Crop protection techniqueFogging machines

Packaging machinesStrapping machines

Heating techniqueVarious accessoiries

Various remaining machines/materialsVarious remaining machines/materials accessoiries

Growing gutter20 cm growing gutter

Seeding and growing machinesSoil blocking machines

Internal transportElectric trolleys

Cleaning machinesRoofwashers

Crop protection techniqueVarious crop protection technique accessoiries

Waste reduction machinesCrop shredder machines

Crop protection techniquePipe rail spraying trolley manual

Water techniqueWater pumps

Internal transportTipping container

Seeding and growing machinesPlanting line

Crop protection techniqueSpraying wagons

Growing gutter20 cm growing gutter

Crop protection techniqueHigh pressure pumps miscellaneous

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