Crop shredder



TypeBioBull CS Mega 270 Robust
BrandBio Bull
Optionally available Stage 4 certified engine

Motor :
John Deere industrial engine type 6068 HFU 270 hp at 1800 rev / min common rail diesel Stage 3 engine with turbo and intercooler.

Benefits of this engine:
- Low fuel consumption
- Worldwide service network of John Deere

Operator/ Driving force:
Hydraulic drive of conveyor and cloth roll. The machine is equipped with 3 LS pumps operating in separate systems. These pumps are assembled directly on the gearbox of the engine.

- 3 pumps prevent unwanted speed differences when you are entering, cloth rolling and emptying the bulk hopper at the same time.
- Directly driven pumps ensure a compact construction and no maintenance costs.
- Danfoss hydraulic control valves for proper and smooth operation of the machine

Infeed Table:
Importation table with on both sides a roll-up unit for cloth up to 200 meters. The diablo rollers over which the canvas runs are hydraulically foldable. High ridges on the elevator belt will rise up for the good upwards conveying of the product. Guided strings left and right ensure always straight running of the tires.

- Hydraulically foldable rollers ensure a quick change of cloth and relieving the back.

Chopper-unit with input unit
Claas reel of the 800 series, with V-blades which have a grinding attachment.
The cutting reel will be activated by means of an electric-hydraulic clutch. Outfeed of the crop goes through a conveyor with PVC conveyor belt which is hydraulic adjustable in height.

- Robust cutting chamber and importation unit for a long service life
- Low maintenance and repairs
- Spare parts of the cage and importation unit available almost
everywhere in the world
- Sustainability already proven in maize and grass choppers

Bulk hopper
Bulk hopper with PVC conveyor incl. Unloading through remote control.

Control panel:
Remote control of the machine, system Hetronic.
- Operation is always possible from the place with the most visibility and is therefore safe.
- The machine is operated by remote control, allowing you to stay out of the danger zone of the machine.
- Hetronic is known worldwide, highly durable and trouble-free

VTS chassis with rubber tracks and 2 speeds
Input correction (optional)
- Less critical positioning of the machine.
- Capacity / roll-up speed increases.

Correction to equate the input unit with the canvas line
Metal detection (optional)
Detects metal and damages damage to the chopper unit.

Machine dimensions approximate:
- Width caterpillar’s exterior frame about 2.4 meters.
- Height 2.2 meters.
- Length 6.5 meters.
- Weight +/- 7.500 kg

- John Deere Stage 4 final engine 250 Hp
- Metal detector
- Infeedcorrection

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