flower processing machine


Roofbelt Single and sinking
Control Analog
Length indicator Fixed
Dimensions inlay part 5000 mm (L)
Width belt 600 mm
Maximum stem length output 800 mm
Cut or trim unit 1 cut unit
Binding places 1 before processing unit, binder optionally available
Capacity maximum Approximetly 1500 bunches per hour
Dimensions 8.75 meter
Amount of bunching tables 4 units
Collecting belt 2.000 mm (L)
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz
Custom build possibilities Possible on request for the above points

Counting system:
This machine is equipped with a counting system
This eliminates that employees needs to count the stems per bunch: This is the counting system of the machine does.

Between the tables are counting sensors that count’s the stamp when you put the stamp on the conveyor belt.
The counting sensors are located on all four table positions
Finally, the counting system automatically ensures that the number of stems per bunch is always correct at the last table position ( the last table for the binder / cutting unit).
Max cap. with this counting system about 1500 bunches per hour)


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