flower processing machine


TypeQuality Buncher
Control PLC
Dimensions inlay part 6060 × 1250 mm (L x W)
Maximum stem length input 1650 mm
Minimum stem length output 350 mm
Maximum stem length output 1350 mm
Cut or trim unit 1 cut unit
Deleafing unit Yes
Binding places 2 binding places included
Capacity maximum 6250 stems per hour
Running direction of belt From right to left
Dimensions See drawing
Collecting belt Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz
Year of manufacturing 2016

The processing line consists of the following modules:

The flowers are delivered on auction carts. A person takes the flowers from the auction trolley and places them in a single layer on a conveyor belt.
A second person assesses the flowers and sorts them. The main selection remains on the tape.
He places the second selection on the middle band and the third selection on the top band.
The flowers are buffered on these two bands. When one of the two buffer bands is full, the line stops. This is detected by means of a photocell at the end of the band.
To achieve a constant flower input, a screen has been placed at the flower input on which the capacity, in stems per hour, can be read.
A constant input benefits the final production result.

Select & Out / line
At the end of the conveyor is a person who determines which selection is processed. He singles all the flowers as well as possible and places them on the conveyor belt at the correct length.
The length indication is indicated with color stripes at 80, 70 and 60 cm. A second person takes care of the final check so that all flowers are properly aligned.
For an ergonomic working position, the guide belt is at an angle of 10 ° and the working height is 0.95 m.
The position of the conveyor belt is electrically adjustable. The position of this tire is detected so that the correct tires are controlled.
The moment the conveyor belts are unloaded, the flowers are buffered on the short conveyor belts.

The CRP Cutter stands for quiet cutting with a very sharp and straight cut as a result.
The combination of a saw blade with supporting blade ensures perfect running and makes it possible to cut at a low speed.
As a result, the saw hardly makes any noise and the saw cabinet remains clean. Woody crops also pass through the CRP Cutter with ease.

The CRP Stripper removes all the leaves from the lower part of each stem, without leaving any leaf residue or damage, even if the leaves are brown and / or limp.
The stem length to be deflated is adjustable to a maximum of 40 cm. The CRP Stripper can be switched off separately.

Dirt disposal
The released green waste is removed centrally by means of a conveyor belt. The dumping height is 1.6 meters.

The CRP Buncher accurately counts the set number of stems. After the bunch has been carefully assembled, it is entered into the binders.

Binding machines
Two Potveer CRP Binders bind the stems firmly together with elastic. The Potveer CRP Binder binds with a constant and calm stroke and achieves a high capacity of 3,000 forests per hour.
The binder has a simple and modular construction, making it easy to maintain with minimal wear. Elastic can be threaded in a movement so that a roll change can be carried out quickly.
In addition, the binder is provided with wire break protection, whereby the processing line is automatically stopped or a signal is issued by the binder if the elastic is broken or the roll is empty.
lf any elastic residues remain in the binder mechanism at the end of a roll or order, this will be released automatically. The elastic tension can be adjusted for tight or loose bindings.
By manually operating the cycle button, the binder makes a stroke that can be tested.

Collect & collect
The bundles are collected side by side on the collection belt which makes a step at each bundle by means of a photocell at the start of the strip.

Control functions and control panel
The machine is provided with a control panel near the input area. In addition to operating the line, the following data can be entered here:
• Number of stems per bunch
• Number of bunches per order
• Number of bunches for reaching the end of each order with an audible signal

You can also set:
• The speed / capacity of the processing line in 4 positions
• The step size for the collection belt
• The language of the control panel in Dutch, English, Spanish, Polish


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