Complete gerbera growing system


TypeDouble system
Stock8400 mtr. Not enough stock? Ask for the possibilities.
Number of pot holes per 3 meter 15 pot holes
Pot hole diameter 147 mm
Pot size 190 mm
Height adjustable Yes
Plate height 60 mm
Plate length 4790 mm
Ground support Included
Drain gutter 120 mm, white coated, steel

Note: The system is only suitable for 190 mm pots with a smaller bottom diameter than 150 mm holes in the system

Because the diameter of the pot holes are 150 mm, the 190 mm pots will stand higher above the system.
This is important because the drain gutter of this Gerbera system is attached directly under the pot plates. with result that the bottom of the 190 mm pot will hang high enough above the drain gutter


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