CommentsThe K4 was serviced in November 2020 and is equipped with a new battery, membranes, nozzles, etc.!
Capacity maximum 60-120 liter per hour
Power in Watts 125 HP / 79200 Kcal/h.
Ignition Electric start
Fuel Petrol
Maximum throw 100 meter depending on crop
Tank capacity 2 × 50 liter
Fuel tank capacity 20 liter (Stainless Steel)
Wheels 2 castors and 2 fixed castors
Material Stainless steel
Power supply 12 V

The Pulsfog K4 is a thermal fogging device.
In the combustion chamber, the liquid to be sprayed is converted to a fine mist. The device works according to the jet engine principle and has a self-ignition.

The K4 is the largest device in the Pulsfog thermal fogging range. The large power ensures that a spray pitch of 120 meters * is achieved.

The K4 has a capacity that can vary from 60 to 150 l / hour *

  • These values depend on the culture type, the liquid used and the size of the nozzles.


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