pipe rail spraying robot


Type425mm c.t.c. Meto
BrandBerg Hortimotive
Control PLC
Spraying Boom 2550 mm and 16 nozzles
Second spraying boom 2550 mm and 24 nozzles
Path displacement By means of a base wagon
Center to center distance 425 mm, optionally adjustable
Hose reel Included
Frontage detection Included
Hose Equipped with 2 × 120 meters hose
Power supply 24 Volt battery
Weight 300 kg
Optionally available Spraying pistol and big feed coupling

This automatic spraying system exists of the following 2 units:

Automatic path displacement trolley:
The path displacement trolley rides automatically over the middle path and brings the pipe rail spraying robot automatically to the next pipe rail line.

Automatic spraying robot:
The automatic pipe rail spraying robot rides automatically of the path displacement trolley onto the pipe rail system. The length of the pipe rail system can easily be programmed. The spraying robot rides automatically over the pipe rail line and stops at the end of this line. Then it returns and starts spraying automatically. After spraying the whole line, it returns back onto the path displacement trolley.


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