pipe rail spraying robot


Type550mm c.t.c. Meto
BrandBerg Hortimotive
Dimensions 1800 ×700 × 3450 mm (L x W x H )
Control Controls on headend of trolley
Spraying Boom 3310 mm and 20 nozzles
Second spraying boom 2850 mm and18 nozzles
Path displacement Manual
Center to center distance 550 mm
Hose reel Included
Power supply 2 × 12 Volt/24 Volt

The spraying boom can be bent to a height of 2900 mm.

This pipe rail spraying robot is easily controlled by a control panel on the head of the robot.
With 20 nozzles for the spraying boom and 18 nozzles for the second spraying boom, no spot will be missed.
Moving the robot from path to path will have to be done manually.

The pipe rail spraying robot is in good condition and ready for sale!


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