Pipe rail spraying robot + tank


TypePower Jet 425 mm c.t.c.
Stock2 pcs Not enough stock? Ask for the possibilities.
Dimensions 2000 × 930 × 2300 mm (L x W x H)
Control PLC
Pump Annovi Reverberi AR 252, membrane
Pump capacity maximum 20 liter per minute at 25 bar
Spraying Boom 2 spraying booms, 9 nozzles and 7 double nozzles
Tank capacity 300 liter
Center to center distance 425 mm, optionally adjustable
Battery capacity 24 Volt, second battery included
Battery charger External charger and battery trolley included
Year of manufacturing 2011

Automatic spraying robot:
This automatic pipe rail spraying robot has to be positioned manually in front of the pipe rail line. The length of the pipe rail system can easily be programmed. The spraying robot starts automatically riding and stops at the (pre-programmed length) end of the pipe rail line. Then it returns and starts spraying automatically. After spraying the whole line, it returns back to the start position of the concrete path.
This automatic pipe rail spraying trolley is equipped with a tank, so there is no need for a hose drum. The path displacement is manually by means of castors.


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