Sprayboom with air tyres


Dimensions 1300 × 300 × 1160 mm (L x W x H)
Engine Petrol engine
Ignition Mechanic
Fuel tank capacity 2,1 liter
Amount of nozzles 10 nozzles
Wheels 4 rubber wheels

The Empas fan mast is a combination of the traditional spray mast and air support.
Specially developed for spraying against spider mites in roses, among others. By providing the caps with air support, a perfect distribution of liquid is obtained. The liquid is blown into the crop with no less than 1400 m³ air per hour. In hard-to-reach places, this air support is just that little bit more to get the resources where we want them. Because the fan mast is made entirely of stainless steel, a long life is guaranteed.

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