boiler installation 4 million kcal



Burner Goedkoop, type: 184550, LowNOx 84mg per m³
Fuel Natural gas
Capacity maximum 4 million k/cal
Control Control panel
Condenser Crone condenser
Particularities Plug & Play

This concern a boiler installatio n ready to go!
- This boiler installation is plug and play ready to start !: Burner, controlpanel and gas train are pre wired and coupled to the boiler!!

- Capacity 4 million. k / cal / 4800kW
- Year 2001
- Burner type: WP 184550 Natural gas in combination in case of emergency; HBO/diesel
- Control panel: New panel, pre wired and fully tested
- Intergrated Crone condenser
- Complete gas train
- Dimensions: approx. L 7.26m x Diameter 3.00m x 3.14 Height

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