boiler installation 3.5 million kcal


Pressure 0,5 bar
Temperature 110 °C
Burner Thermeta burner
Capacity maximum 3.5 million kcal
Fan Included
CO₂ fan Optionally available
Chimney Optionally available
Condenser Included

The installation is fully tested and will be delivered plug and play:
Burner, burner panel and gas line are mounted on the boiler and newly wired (Aweka)
The condenser is supplied separately prepared for easy installation with bolts and nuts on the boiler
The entire burner installation is thoroughly tested for correct operation.
Prior to delivery, the boiler undergoes a pressure test to rule out leaks!
All parts of the installation are neatly cleaned and refurbished, where necessary damaged parts are replace
This method of delivery assures the customer a heating installation that is easy to install at the new location!

Technical info:
Burner: Thermeta: Low Nox natural gas burner: Type LN 35 - F80 incl. Diesel for emergency
Condenser: Thermeta: Type EKA11N (from 2006)
Boiler: Thermeta: Type K35 113
Year of manufact.: 2002


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