Bulb 230V 400W (New)


BrandGeneral Electric
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CommentsThis concerns an unused and new batch of bulbs! These are offered with a 50% discount compared to the original sales price!
Light bulb base E40
Watts 400 Watt

GE Lucalox® HO (High Yield) can meet the needs of the most expert and demanding growers. You reach:

Optimal growth
The spectral distribution of Lucalox® HO ensures optimal growth with shorter renovation times with lower costs for chemical fertilization. Plants can also be brought to the market on time when the demand is greatest (as on Valentine’s Day) and the prices are the highest.

High productivity
Whether you use Lucalox® HO as a constant growth source, or just to extend the day, it allows you to achieve high yields by full control of the growth process. This means more products and a higher yield, even in the middle of winter.

Superior quality for your plants
The quality requirements of the most important export markets have never been so high. Lucalox® HO can help growers grow the highest quality plants, with stronger stems, lush flower growth and well-formed foliage - perfect plants, on time and always.


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