Seeding machine


Number of seeding rows 8, optionally available
Seed size Easily adaptable by replacing needles
Maximum tray dimensions 600 × 400 × 50 mm
Vacuum pump Included
Dimensions 2000 × 660 × 550 mm (L x W x H)
Belt width 400 mm
Side guide Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz
Weight 24 kg

The needleseeder is an universal automatic (precision) needleseeder. This seeder is able to seed nearly all type of flower, plant and vegetable seeds into each kind of tray. HETO Agrotechnics has already more than 15 years experience with this needleseeder, which is delivered in many varieties and is often delivered custom made. Your wish is our challenge ! Customers use the standalone seeder to sow the smallest cactus till the biggest sunflower. The machine is very flexible in use - especially as well for small parties.

The needleseeder sucks (via interchangeable needles) the seeds from a vibrating reservoir. The hollow spindle rotates to position the seeds over the droptubes. The vacuum is relieved by overpress, so that the seeds are blown off and, via the tubes, will land into the tray. The spindle rotates back to start the new cycle. After each cycle the tray moves automatically to position the next row.

It is possible to use the needleseeder in line with the frayfiller and/or the waterdosage unit.
The machine has following distinguishing features:
• High quality solid built and maintenance free
• Suitable for different kind of seedforms
• Optimal seed results for different kinds of seeds by variable adjustments
• All adjustments are simple to make
• High capacity up to 50.000 seeds/hour (integrated after trayfillingmachine)
• Other traysizes are possible
• Possibility of 4 seed-cycles per cell
• Simply to use by means of several controls on the panel
• Built in accordance with the CE-norm
• Automaticly-stop at the end of the tray and with a stopbutton

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