crop shredder



TypeBio Bull 210
BrandBio Bull
Engine John Deere common-rail diesel engine, 210 pk
Input Hydraulic input
Control Manual and by remote control
Dimensions 6500 × 2100 × 2400 mm (L x W x H)
Wheels VTS caterpillar rubber track
Year of manufacturing 2008

The Bio Bull is completely refurbished and has only 2500 operational working hours! This machine is in perfect condition and most suitable to clean out the larger type of greenhouse facilities

Engine: John Deere industrial engine type 6068 HFU with 210 HP at 1800 rpm common rail diesel engine with turbo and intercooler.
Drive: Hydraulic driven roll up unit of the cloths, bunker belt. Power belt drive of chopper unit, in combination with gear box unit
Input conveyor belt table: Input table equipped with a conveyor with cloth roll up units on both sides. Roll up unit can move hydraulically up and down incl. roll direction correction for straightening the feeding of the cloth.
Chopper unit: V-knives with grinding device. Chopper unit gets activated by tensioning of the power band. The shredded crops gets disposed by waste conveyor with PVC conveyor belt.
Feeding unit: Feeding unit is hydraulically driven
Dimensions: Width 2100 mm, Height 2400mm, Length 6500 mm.
Chassis: VDL chassis with rubber tracks, 2 speed
Bunker: Bunker volume appr. 2M3, equipped with a conveyor belt
Operation controls: To operate the Bio Bull in the most safe way possible, the Bio Bull is fully Radiographic controlled
Brand: Hetronic system


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