crop shredder


TypeGiga Bio Chopper
Capacity 5000-15000 m² per hour
Dimensions 7570 × 2450 × 2786 mm (L x W x H)
Input 790 mm (W)
Engine John Deere 230 HP diesel engine
Wheelbase 2240 mm
Width tracks 400 mm
Maximum speed 1,5 - 2.8 km per hour
Operating hours Only 3065 operating hours
Metal detection Included
Maximum length of ground cloth 210 meter
Weight 7500 kg
Year of manufacturing 2008

This crop removal machine is designed for removing and shredding or chopping of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, berries, carnations, roses and various other cultivations, crops and vegetables.

The machine works with tarps (transport mats) on which the plants are placed.
It rolls up the canvas and pulls in the stems.
The crop is then shredded or chopped, after which the crop waste is dumped into a buffer which is attached to the machine.

The forklift drivers start and stop the conveyor for emptying the buffer with a remote control.

The inlet table enables working from both sides of the machine. This way the greenhouse is cleaned-out in one go.

The Giga Bio Chopper is suitable for contractors whom aspire speed and efficiency.


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