grading machine


TypeMegastar 12 + 1
Suitable for Round and oval vegetables & fruits (60 - 150 mm ⌀)
Amount of exits 12
Grading by weight By means of load sensors
Control Own computer cabinet
Maximum capacity Maximum 28800 per hour
Weighing range Between 8 and 1000 gram
Deviation 1 gram
Running direction of belt From right to left
Dimensions Length approximately 27 meter
Pre-selecting belt Included
Elevator conveyor belt Included
Dump discharge belt Included

The Aweta Megastar is specially designed for large products such as mangoes.

The complete installation consists of:
- Dump conveyor
- Elevator belt
- Pre selecting roller conveyor
- Aweta Megastar sorting machine

The Mango Inscan non-destructively measures the internal quality and hardness of your mango.
The internal browning or any internal decay will be removed from your batch.

The software of the installation was completely updated in August 2020!


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