Complete eggplant/cucumber sorting and palletizingsystem


Sorting machine brand Aweta
Suitable for Eggplants, cucumbers, pointed sweet peppers
Amount of exits 23 + 1
Capacity Aweta sorting machine Approximately 30000 pieces per hour
Brand Pallatize Robot Koat
Number of automatic Koat box discharge units 9 pieces
Automatic boxes transport to the palletizing robot Included
Automatic supply and removal of pallets Included
Maximum speed 4.2 cups per second
Weighing range Between 50 and 600 gram
Running direction of cups Left to right
Palletizer Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, earth, 50 Hz

Aweta aubergine/cucumber sorting machine including Koat automation

Double track Aweta sorting machine, now suitable for Aubergines.
We can adapt the machine so that it is also suitable for cucumbers, we then adjust the installation completely, including supply and lifting elevators.

The system is now suitable for 40 cm x 30 cm boxes.
The system can be adapted to 40 cm x 60 cm boxes on request.
The Koat system automatically transports the weighed boxes from the exits of the sorting machine to the palletising robot.
The employee checks and closes the boxes at the sorting machine
He pushes the full boxes into the box elevator. The box lift brings the boxes to the transport system. From here, the boxes are automatically discharged. The conveyor belt to the palletizer contains a pre-stacker that allows stacking up to 2 boxes. The robotic arm picks up the stacked boxes and stacks them on the pallet to the maximum height.
When the pallet is full, the pallet gently rolls over the chain conveyor to the end and must be removed manually with a pallet truck. The robot puts down a new pallet itself.


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