Chrysanthemums bunching machine


Control PLC
Automatic conveyor roll out/roll up system Included
Deleafing machine Included
Flower stem & leaf shredder Included
Waste discharge elevator belt Optionally available
Conveyor belt suspension hooks Included
Elevator Included
Amount of bunches per hour 3000
Sponge pressure belt during the cutting and deleafing process Optionally available
Cutting unit Included
Binding unit Included
Collecting belt Included
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
The chrysanthemums are transported on a flexible belt from the greenhouse to the chrysanthemum bunching machine on the concrete path .In the chrysanthemum bunching machine, all chrysanthemums are cut to an equal size, defoliated and bound by the binding machine. The bunch can than be sleeved and packed in boxes.

The flexible feeding belt and suspension hooks of this chrysanthemum machine can be custom made to the disired dimensions of the client

General information:
The chrysanthemum bunching machine is basically intended for processing chrysanthemums, but can also be made suitable for other cut flowers such as Lillies, Lisianthus etc. The chrysanthemum bunching machine is used in the greenhouse itself and consists out of an feeding conveyor belt system, the main machine with defoliator unit, binding unit and a discharge belt.


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