Packing line with flowpack installation


Suitable for Sweet peppers
Tables 14 pieces
Length work table 1040 mm
Width work table 430 mm
Flowpack machine Optionally available
Driven roller conveyor length 7200 mm
Driven roller conveyor width 570 mm
Food safe conveyor belt deck Included
Material Stainless steel
Supply conveyor belt Included
Rotary table Optionally available
Conveyor belt width 160 mm
Conveyor belt length 7450 mm
Length 7800 mm
Width 1560 mm
Height 2100 mm
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
The products are supplied by the top driven roller conveyor. The line is equipped with 8 weighing stations on each side of the line (a total of 16 weighing stations) where the products are weighed by means of digital weighers. The products are placed on trays and weighed, then the trays are placed on the conveyor belt. This conveyor belt carries the trays automatically into the flowpack machine, the flowpack machine has an autom. feed control so the trays with product are smoothly packed, one by one, with foil.
The entire line is buid out of stainless steel and adjustable in speed, the belt deck is food safe. The turntable is also speed adjustable and equipped with a blade, which is suitable for the food industry.
On request, the line can be adapted to the wishes of the customer

General information:
A small packing line provides support for the pre-process of a packing line. Often a small packing line is at the forefront of a flowpack machine.


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