Complete vine tomato processing and palletizing system


Harvest trolley Optionally available with 2400 mm (L) harvesting trolley
Conveyor belt to weighing-positions Included
Weight position 3, included with digital scale
Turning platform Optionally available
Palletizer Included
Pallet bunker Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, earth, 50 Hz

This is a complete vine tomato processing system!
Suitable for approx. 5 to approx. 10 hac. greenhouse area
Maximum capacity of the system is approximately 1000 boxes per hour. The system is suitable for 2400 mm vine tomato harvesting trolleys

The installation consists of the following parts:
- (Optional) 2400 mm harvesting trolleys
- Unloading system for the harvest carts
- 3 weighing positions
- Box pre-stacking unit
- Palletizer with pallet buffer
- Pallet strapping/slat machine
- Pallet discharge chain conveyor

How it works:
The coupled harvest carts are automatically pulled through the unloading system, the boxes are pushed off and automatically destacked. After destacking, the boxes are being transported to 3 weighing positions. After the boxes are weighed, they will be transported transported to the palletizer.
The pallets are automatically transported from the pallet buffer into the palletizing machine and positioned on a chain conveyor. When the pallet is fully stacked with the boxes, the pallet wil be transported to the auromatic palletstrapper and the corner slats will be placed.
The strapped pallet with boxes will be automatically discharged and bufferd on the chain conveyor, where finally the pallet with the boxes easily can be picked up by a forklift


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