Hortimat delivers fully renewed Bercomex S3 harvesting machine @ Miracle flowers

ЗаказчикMiracle Flowers

Given confindence fo Miracle Flowers

Hortimat has delivered for the second time a fully renewed Bercomex harvesting machine @ Miracle flowers. Miracle flowers is a one of the top suppliers of Lisianthus in the World! Hortimat is proud that Miracle flowers has given the confidence to Hortimat for the delivery of the new harvesting machine!

Hortimat customizing work

Hortimat can design the offered machine to exact the customer requirements. Optionally we constructively adjust the machine or we install new operating systems. We also deliver tailor made solutions in the form of logistic conveyor belt systems and we think along with the customer for custom made solutions.

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Applying of new 2020 operating systems on used machines

Solid revision; guarantees a long lifetime

Service and warranty by own technical specialists