Floor sweeper



TipiStefix 73 Ground cover
Engine GX 100 Honda petrol engine
Sweeping width main brush 500 mm
Sweeping width 1 side brush 700 mm
Sweeping width 2 side brushes 900 mm
Content dirt tray 45 liter
Filter area 3m²
Mechanische filterklopper Included
Driving drive Included
Capacity maximum 3400 m² per hour
Length 1350 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 1320 mm
Weight 85 kg

The Stefix 73 gives you a perfect sweeping and suction machine which is suitable for sweeping soft and uneven substrates such as cultivation floors or outside areas. The machine has been specially designed for growers who cultivate on ground cover or film. This machine is also extremely suited for sweeping up fine dust particles. The large filter surface area together with the large suction capacity mean that any job can be tackled. The simple controls and the large removable dirt tray on wheels ensure that emptying the dirt tray is lightweight and easy.

• No tire tracks
• Dust-free sweeping
• Large dirt tray
• Also sweeps the corners clean


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