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A Hortimat machine is not only a used machine, but a renewed used machine and is delivered with warranty. All sold machines and materials are subjected to a thorough inspection in our professional and well equipped 1500 m² workshop. The machines are skillfully renewed by our team of highly trained technical professionals with experience in all kind of electronics and constructions, like: PLC’s, hydraulics and pneumatics. In this way the machine can have a hassle-free second life.

FlowersBucket filling machinesFull-automatic bucket filling machines

RemainderConveyor beltsConveyor belt remainder

VegetableVacuum cleaners on piperail trolleyAutomatic vacuum cleaner on piperail trolley

FlowersRose proccesing machinesRose various

FlowersFlower proccesing machinesFlower binding machines

RemainderConveyor beltsFlat conveyor belts

FlowersFlower proccesing machinesBunching machine universal

VegetablePiperailtrolleys push modelsPepper harvesting trolleys

FlowersFlower proccesing machinesFlower binding machines

VegetablePiperailtrolleys push modelsPicking carts

RemainderRollertracksRoller conveyors

RemainderConveyor beltsSpecial conveyor belts

Potted plantsPotting machinesWillburg machines

Vegetableharvesting-unloading machinesCucumber harvesting-unloading systems

RemainderInternal transportElectric trolleys

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