Hortimat has its own range of brandnew products. These machines are developed and perfected in collaboration with a number of self-selected manufacturers and quality-standards. In addition, Hortimat can supply all kinds of new machines and equipment for the horticulture. We work together with well-know horticulture brands. Inform about the possibilities!

Crop clean out machines


Various crop clean out machine accessoiries

Various crop clean out machine accessoiriesMore information

Electric pipe rail trolley's

Double hydraulic pipe rail trolleysMore information

Three scissor hydraulic pipe rail trolleysMore information

Pipe rail trolleys maintenanceMore information

Standard electric pipe rail trolleysMore information

Electric trolleys with tiresMore information

Gutter and deck cleaner

Various electric piperail trolley accessoiriesMore information

Harvesting trolleys

Picking carts

Steam boilers

Steam boilers



Potting plants conveyor belts

Connectable conveyor belts

Seeding / planting / growing machines

Young plant lines according to the customers wishesMore information

Small-pack lines

Small-pack lines

Cleaning machines

Hygiene sluices

Sweeping machines

Sweeping machines

Sit model sweeping machinesMore information

Flower netting and flower supports

Flower nettingMore information

Flower support materialsMore information

Pre selecting conveyors

Pre selecting conveyors

Crop protection articles

Remote hose drumsMore information

Spraying wagonsMore information

Climate control computers

Climat computers

Mist systems

Mist systems

Water filling machines

Bucket filling machines

Packing and rotary tables

Rotary tablesMore information

AGF machines

Weighing scales


FansMore information